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If you order a glass of champagne in France, you often ask for “une coupe de champagne”. A coupe is – in principle – the big champagne glass, shaped like a flat bowl and pretty hopeless to drink from. It was popular in the old days but actually it has made a small comeback.

But ordering a coupe does not mean you will get such a glass. “Une coupe de champagne” is just en expression meaning a glass of champagne. More likely you will get a narrow “flute” glass and you really don’t want that either. This is not a perfect champagne glass either, as it is almost impossible to feel any aromas.

The best glass is just a plain tulip-shaped glass, a normal wine glass. When visiting growers in Champagne, that’s often the glass you get to taste in. In such a glass aroma and flavours come into their own.

So do like the pros, experience champagne in the right glasses – on our Champagne wine tour this fall.

Read more about the Champagne wine tour, 11-15 September 2019. Book now!

Two glasses of champagne, white and rosé

Two glasses of champagne, white and rosé, copyright BKWine Photography

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