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You want to buy a bottle of champagne from a small grower? Look for the letters RM on the bottle, often in small print, very small. RM means récoltant-manipulant in French and this indicates that the producer has used only his own grapes and has produced the champagne in his own winery.

We like to visit these small growers but not only. On the wine tour to Champagne we will also visit at least one of the big houses. There the chance of meeting the owner or the winemaker is lesser, but instead they have impressive cellars. And for some of the small houses, well known for their top-quality champagnes, the distinction between a “house” and a grower can almost be hard to distinguish. Unless you look at the fine print on the label.

Read more about the Champagne wine tour, 11-15 September 2019. Book now!

Read this if you want to know why our wine tour to Champagne is different and very special.

Bottles resting in a cellar in Champagne

Bottles resting in a cellar in Champagne, copyright BKWine Photography

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