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Piedmont, one of the great wine regions in Italy

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Some of the most exclusive and highest rated wines in Italy can be found up north, in Piedmont (or Piemonte, as the Italians say). There you can find Barolo and Barbaresco, the powerful tense wines that were among the first in Italy to reach the highest quality denomination Denominazione di Origine e Controllata, DOCG.

We have just published a (new) sample program, an example of how a wine tour to the Piedmont can look. We regularly organise wine and food tours to the Piedmont, as well as to other wine regions in Italy.

But you can find many other exciting wines here too: The light-hearted bubbly Asti (ex-Asti Spumante). Barberas, quite unknown a few decades ago but that reach new heights every year. Other nebbiolo wines of course. Not to forget the whites: cortese, gavi, arneis, just to mention a few.

The wines up here in the north are quite different from many of the wines from the rest of Italy, being perhaps “tougher” more serious food wines. Also the gastronomy is different here in the north. In fact, virtually every region in Italy has its own very special gastronomy and food specialities.

For example, here in the Piedmont they eat more rice than pasta. They are experts in risotto. In season it can be with truffles. The famous white truffle from Alba has its home here. They have a special bred of cattle, the Piedmont cow, which gives a very high quality and tasty meat. They often serve it as carne cruda, a sort of steak tartare with olive oil.

We regularly arrange wine and food tours to the Piedmont. We recently published a sample program on how a tour to the Piedmont can look. It will include a lot of wine and a lot of Italian food. If it is in the right season you are sure to taste quite a lot of truffles too! (The truffle season extends over the autumn and early winter. We have always wondered what they do on some of the “truffle tours” that take place in spring or summer…)

Take a look at our sample program to see how a wine and food tour to the Piedmont in Italy can look. You can find the program under the menu Our Tours > Popular Destinations. You can check if we have one on our schedule in the menu Our Tours > Scheduled Tours, or you can contact us to discuss a custom wine tour to the Piedmont.

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An elegant barrel cellar in Barbaresco, Piedmont
An elegant barrel cellar in Barbaresco, Piedmont, copyright BKWine Photography

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