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A Champagne house along the Avenue de Champagne, Epernay

Champagne, a variety of flavours and characters | wine tour

Champagne has more and more competitors. The world-wide demand for sparkling wines is increasing but today Champagne has to struggle for attention amongst Prosecco, Cava and many other bubbly wines from different countries. But Champagne is still without a doubt the most interesting region for sparkling wines. Not least thanks to the large variety of […]

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RealBusiness logo

RealBusiness: wine tours to “build a lifetime bond”

We are delighted to have been featured in RealBusiness. This on-line magazine “for ambitious SMEs” presented our wine and gourmet tours as a gift idea for companies wanting to develop better corporate relations. Here are some of the things they said: Business networking is often done over a beverage or two, so what better way […]

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Champagne Wine Tour

Champagne Wine Tour

Champagne wine tour: luxury and gastronomy on the highest level — Nothing else in the world of wine brings out the festive feeling as champagne does. But on this wine tour we will discover that champagne is so much more than a drink just for celebrations. It is above all a very exclusive and delicious wine! […]

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Is Champagne always best?

Can you tell the difference between a champagne and other sparkling wines? We’ve had the question many times. It is not an easy question. Yes, often we do, but it depends on what kind of champagne it is and what kind of “other” sparkling wine. But it is admittedly hard to beat a really well-made […]

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Dry, Brut or Nature? Which Champagne do you like best? Choose your favourite on the tour!

Brut is the most common type of champagne today. That means “dry” but in reality there is usually a little sugar in the wine. There can be up to 12 grams per litre but between 6 and 9 is most common. Brut is the Champagne we all drink the most of, it is produced in […]

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A wrought-iron sign in a Champagne village

The bubbly wine tour to Champagne

Bubbly wines have a boom like never before. Fizzy wine from all over the world is selling like crazy, Prosecco, Franciacorta, cava, crémant etc. But at the top of the prestige pyramid you have of course Champagne. In France they champagne producers are hard at work as never before continuously improving the quality of their […]

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The cathedral in Reims

Champagne, the tour with real Champagne wine

Unfortunately most champagne is gulped down at festive occasions without the drinker giving much of a thought to the actual taste. That is a big mistake. Champagne is a top quality wine that is perfect for celebrations, yes, but that is also an excellent drink with food. Our wine tour to champagne  will show you […]

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Your glass of champagne is served

Get to know the ins and outs of Champagne

We have been working in Champagne for well over ten years, visiting vineyards and tasting some of the best champagnes. It is a region that can seem easy to understand, many of the famous wines are well-known brand names. But it is more complicated, and more fun, than that. The big names play an important […]

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Glass of Bubbly features BKWine South Africa tour

Luxury magazine Glass of Bubbly on our wine tour to South Africa

Our spring wine tours were recently featured in the online magazine Glass of Bubbly. The magazine is, as you can guess, focussed on sparkling wines so what must have caught there eye was some of the excellent sparkling wines made in South Africa. They use the same winemaking techniques as in Champagne but here in […]

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The first visit when you arrive in Cape Town for a South Africa wine tour may not be wine

A wine tour in South Africa doesn’t have to start with visits to wine estates. Especially if you arrive with the over-night flight on a Saturday and your first day of action is a Sunday. A tour around the Cape peninsula is a perfect Sunday activity and that is exactly what we did. The scenic […]

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