Wine tours to South America, South Africa and the world’s wine countries

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Travel to the wine regions with the experts on wine and the wine tour specialist!

BKWine is the specialist on wine tours and gourmet travel. We are also experts on wine. The world’s only wine tour operator that has won multiple national and international awards for what we write on wine… Our tours have been names World’s Top Wine Tours by the world’s biggest travel magazine. Travel to the wine with us!

We organise wine tours and food tours to the world’s exciting and beautiful wine regions. Our aim is to share with you our passion for wine experiences, for outstanding wines, and wonderful gastronomic meals. Are you a wine enthusiast looking for a wine experience and wine tour that goes beyond what you can imagine? A once-in-a-lifetime experience? Or are you a beginner in wine but curious about what happens in the vineyards and in the wine cellar?

You have come to the right place! To BKWine.

Chile & Argentina, 1-16 February 2014

Last year’s big success: South America, the wine tour to Argentina & Chile!

Join us on a fantastic voyage of discovery in the vineyards of Chile and Argentina! And a breath-taking trip over the Andes.

Vineyards in Argentina with the snow capped Andes

— Chile and Argentina. Two wine countries on each side of the Andes mountain range. Both with grandiose scenery. And some of the very best wines in the New World. Imagine The Pampas extending to the horizon and the snow covered tops of the Andes, but also beautiful vineyards, impressive wineries, and a pulsating Buenos Aires.

We will visit several of the very best vineyards including some very high quality producers that have not yet reach world fame. You will be among the first, outside a small group of experts, to know them. This tour also includes many other tourist and historic attractions. Outstanding wines that match the local gastronomy perfectly. A unique wine and food tour that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Read more on this fantastic wine tour and gourmet tour to Chile and Argentina in South America.

South Africa, 28 February – 10 March 2014

Wine Tour to South Africa: Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and more!

Meet the ambitious and talented winemakers with us

Vineyards in the Franschhoek Valley

— In the last twenty years South African wine country has gone through a revolution. Today South Africa is a major producer of quality wines. The new generation winemakers have increased the quality dramatically. There is a lot of new thinking and experimentation. And the producers listen closely to what the wine consumers want.

South Africa is also a spectacular country to visit, not just for the wines: dramatic mountain ranges and rocky shores, wildlife with a stunning richness. Yes, exceptional safaris, but not only that. South Africa has its own gastronomy with many exciting and high quality restaurants to enjoy. In short: this is a wine tour with many outstanding wines, excellent food, nature and beautiful scenery.

Read more on this exceptional wine tour and food tour to South Africa.

Italy, France, Portugal and much more!

Each year we organise some thirty wine and food tours to the world’s most exciting wine regions. With visits to the most interesting vineyards. With unique meetings with the most talented winemakers. In France, Italy, Portugal and much more.

The BKWine wine tours have been named “World’s Best Wine Tours” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, the world’s biggest travel magazine. Our tours are also designated as “recommended” by the world’s biggest wine tasting association.

Read more:

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We look forward to meeting you on a wine tour!

Britt & Per

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